With over 30 years of experience David Ogilvie Engineering is unique in the business of street, park and memorial furniture manufacturing. There are few companies who can develop a customer’s desire into a finished product, deliver it, and then give that product a lifetime of aftercare. This is an everyday event at David Ogilvie Engineering.

We care about our customer but we are passionate about our products. From the simplest of seats to the largest and most decorative of bandstands it would be difficult to find a more comprehensive catalogue of quality and strong outdoor furniture anywhere and you, the customer, can have any of these products customised to your particular requirements.

Our parks, village, town and city environments encompass furniture for our convenience. Seats and litter bins, picnic tables and BBQ cooking units. Fencing around child play areas to ensure their safety. Shelters, large and small protecting us from the weather and bandstands to enjoy music and entertainment.

Signage giving direction or information. Archways to announce grand entrances to our parks and walkways. Balconies at home to sit and enjoy outdoor life. Stairs leading up to these sitting areas.

Everywhere you look there is metalwork.

David Ogilvie Engineering has a mission to ensure that your world is full of exciting and thought provoking products.

Bench after being dipped Table being spray painted